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The first fully transparent one-stop eth mining

TIME: 2021-03-18 13:58     VISITS: 32

     On March 4, 2021, zhiyue cloud app was officially launched! Twelve media in the circle and ten traditional media gave a detailed report on the news of zhiyue cloud online. Thanks to the following media: coin world, Golden Finance and economics, qubit, ether finance and economics, acceleration finance and economics, blockchain People Weekly, American chain finance and economics, Sohu Finance and economics, Jinniu finance and economics, coin wheat finance and economics, financial Tianyan, chain and finance, chain friends and other media for their support to zhiyue cloud.


     The emergence of zhiyue cloud is an affirmation of the mining mode in the new era in the future, which has shown strong vitality and momentum at present. zhiyue cloud is a collection of mining machinery research and development, production, transportation, and mining machinery trusteeship and other professional process management; at the same time, it also has a professional team engaged in mining for many years, with rich experience, to ensure the maximization of investors' mining income, and zhiyue cloud will rise with the value of Ethereum, layout the future, star sea!

     History only favors those who are firm, enterprising and fighting, but does not wait for those who are hesitant, lazy and afraid of difficulties. zhiyue cloud will also further deepen its service awareness, constantly look for new breakthroughs, improve enterprise capabilities, and realize the company's high-quality sustainable development. We are looking forward to creating the glory of 2021 with you!


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