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What is eth mining? How to make profits from eth mining

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  With the continuous development of Ethereum 2.0 ecology, the prospect and value of Ethereum are favored by more and more people. Zhiyueyun explains what Ethereum mining is with easy to understand words.

  What is Ethereum mining?

  Ethereum mining is a way to obtain Ethereum through miner calculation.

  Like bitcoin, Ethereum mining is also a mining machine, and its consensus mechanism is also pow. Therefore, Ethereum mining is also a competition of computing power. However, unlike bitcoin, the team of Ethereum added some special processing to the mining algorithm in order to prevent the mining of Ethereum from being monopolized by ASIC miner like bitcoin mining, so as to prevent the mining from becoming a pure computing competition. It is this change in detail that leads to a completely different way and equipment for Ethereum mining compared with bitcoin mining.

  How to profit from mining?

  Mining is called mining because it is a process in which miners make great efforts to obtain Ethereum. For miners, the biggest concern has always been that it is more and more difficult to ensure the safety of the block, and it is true.

  In order to make mining profitable, miners have invested a lot of money in research and development, more advanced solution algorithm and more efficient hardware. Some have even moved mining machines to rural dams and countries where electricity is cheaper.

  In the early days of Ethereum mining, miners could make a profit only by using the CPU of their home computers. The problem with CPUs is that they are designed to handle multiple computing tasks at the same time, such as running multiple programs on a computer screen at a time.

  It is worth noting that only when individuals are willing to invest heavily in hardware equipment, power supply or a combination of the two can it be profitable to dig out bitcoin with most workload proof schemes.

  The above is what is the popular Ethereum mining of zhiyueyun. For more information about Ethereum mining, please pay attention to the official website of zhiyueyun.


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