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The number of ethereums is whether Ethereum will be cheaper and cheaper without the upper limit

TIME: 2021-03-18 14:10     VISITS: 31

  As we all know, there is no upper limit to the number of Ethereum. Unlike bitcoin, it has a certain number, so the scarcity is more expensive. Will Ethereum become cheaper and cheaper?

  First, let's recognize the value of eth.

  Bitcoin is the global ledger, and Ethereum is the global computer. V God's vision is that anyone can execute and upload applications on this computer to ensure the effective execution of all programs.

  The killer application of Ethereum is to apply the smart contract to the blockchain. The smart contract of blockchain has the characteristics of decentralization, openness, non tampering, automatic execution and low cost. It has greatly helped the gradual implementation and application of blockchain in various commercial fields.


  The development of Ethereum goes through four stages. They are frontier, homeland, metropolis and tranquility. We are now moving towards the final stage.

  It is expected that Ethereum will adopt eip-1559 scheme in July. Eip-1559 is to change the fee structure of Ethereum. Now all the handling charges are owned by Ethereum miners, but after the implementation of eip-1559, the handling charges will be divided into two parts: basic fees and tips.

  Which transaction gives more tips, Ethereum miners may have the priority to pack which transaction. But when the Ethereum miner packages the deal, it can only get a tip, and the basic fee will be burned.

  Therefore, every transaction will burn down a part of Ethereum, which is likely to lead to the deflation of Ethereum. Once the implementation of eip-1559, the total flow of Ethereum may be maintained between 110 million and 120 million, that is, five to six times of the total amount of bitcoin.

  The circulation quantity is constant within a certain range, and the value of Ethereum has a solid foundation. With the continuous expansion of TPS, the transaction speed is faster and faster, and the application scenarios are increasing, which will continue to be better than the currency price.


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