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  • Technology R&D layout

    Hardware product development, supporting software development, production of blockchain cloud computing hardware equipment servers, professional operation and maintenance team to create a high-performance and stable operating system

  • Production base layout

    Zhiyue Cloud has a server production base with flowing operations to enhance the flexibility of supply and demand and improve the production balance rate

  • IDC server room layout

    Meet product supply and demand everywhere, large-scale power supply partners, large-scale server room supplier management

  • ETH Mining

    Real-time updates of the latest ETH mining tutorials, and technical instruction, professionals to teach you to mine by hand, making mining more convenient

  • ETH Community Ecology Building

    Through years of data technology accumulation and experience, the team is committed to scanning and mining the data information of ETH underlying technology in all aspects, gaining deep insight into industry trends and providing visualization of data business value for the industry.

  • ETH Eco Incubation

    Zhiyue Cloud provides services for ETH enthusiasts and ETH chain enterprises: mining machine research and development, mine construction, mining pool development, etc. to promote the application of ETH ecological value projects and build a good ETH ecosystem.


Yuedong Mining Machine

Yuedong Mining Machine

8-card ETH Supercomputing Server

  • Multi-core high performance processor

  • 8-card high-performance GPU graphics card

  • Custom-grade motherboards with custom systems

  • Professional chassis, suitable for various server rooms

  • Extreme SSD



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