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What is ETH ?
Ethereum is an open source public blockchain platform with smart contract functionality. It provides decentralized virtual machines (called Ethereum Virtual Machines) to handle peer-to-peer contracts through its dedicated cryptocurrency. The token on the blockchain is called Ethereum, code ETH, and it can be traded on many cryptocurrency foreign exchange markets, it is also the medium used to pay transaction fees and computing services on Ethereum.

Server parameters

Yuedong Mining Machine

Yuedong Mining Machine

8-card ETH Supercomputing Server

  • Multi-core high performance processor

  • 8-card high-performance GPU graphics card

  • Custom-grade motherboards with custom systems

  • Professional chassis, suitable for various server rooms

  • Extreme SSD


  • More Algorithm Support

    Supercomputing Graphics Nvidia Supercomputing Graphics Server is a mining machine that supports multiple virtual asset algorithm mining, supporting dozens of digital assets while tying together massive amounts of data to improve business revenue.

  • Customized and highly compatible

    Unlike ordinary graphics cards, graphics supercomputing server is assembled from multiple high configuration graphics cards professional mining chassis and other equipment specifically designed to optimize mining needs, with high integration, high expansion, high compatibility and other characteristics to industry standard processes, standardized management of rapid customization of products.

  • Easier deployment

    Built-in rich operation and maintenance scenarios, ready to use, fully automated operation and maintenance, one-click deployment, to meet a variety of automation needs

  • Lower risk of complaints

    Supercomputing graphics cards have a very high residual value, minimizing investment risk, avoiding idle equipment, and controlling mining costs

  • More flexibility

    ETH supercomputing server is very flexible and scalable, and can run different algorithms for different virtual currencies, so that it can be used for multiple purposes and improve the return on investment ratio.

User Groups

For new players

Easy to operate and low investment
Too much time is not required

Investment Banking Users

Professional supercomputing server platform
Rich supercomputing server products

Professional mining users

Long-lasting output
Stable revenue guarantee


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